Sinkholes in the news in Florida and the world.


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Sinkholes in Florida seem to be popping up everywhere. Florida and the Southeast United States is already a sinkhole prone area. But with more and more people moving and building here, there are more homes likely to get damaged. More people means more people using water from our aquifer. This coupled with drought like conditions followed by heavy rain causes sink holes to occur more often.

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Lots of news about sinkholes lately. These are just some stories that are noteworthy that we uncovered. Florida sink holes can pretty much occur anywhere. All pose some danger to people and property. Some are obviously worse than others.

Disney area resort collapses into 60-foot sinkhole

Florida home swallowed by sinkhole passed inspection

Video of homes getting eaten by sinkholes near Tampa area

Massive sinkhole swallows Florida home

Second sinkhole appears 3 miles from Florida home

Sinkhole near Gainesville FL that is a state park

The science behind Florida's sinkholes

Sinkhole swallows Georgia fast food restaurant

Winter Park sinkhole pictures

Incredible sinkholes around the world

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