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Sinkhole maps. Maps of sinkholes in Florida. Maps of Florida aquifer. Where sinkholes are located. Maps of sinkhole alley. We buy sinkhole houses.

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University of South Florida sinkhole maps by county 1

University of South Florida sinkhole maps by county 2

University of South Florida sinkhole maps by county 3

florida sinkhole map by county

Insurance Map of sinkholes

Map of rock formations in the USA

The areas just north of Tampa/St Petersburg north up into Pasco and Hernando Counties have been dubbed by some as "sinkhole alley" because that area is more prone to sinkholes than any other area of North America. Areas around Ocala and Inverness are also highly prone sink hole areas of Florida. Also many of the counties in Northern Florida that are highlighted in yellow (above) are quite prone to sinkholes, however they are rural and sparsely populated. Thus less sinkholes get reported. The counties in gray (above) are much less prone to sinkholes but they still occur on occasion.

sinkhole alley map florida

61 out of Florida's 67 counties have had sinkholes reported in them at one time or another. The map below shows all the publicly disclosed sinkholes that have occurred in FL from 1954 through 2012.

map of sinkhole locations in florida and sink hole alley


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