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Over the years, we have bought a lot of properties. These are just a sampling of some of the sinkhole houses that people have sold to us for cash or had us examine. After all, why mess with fixing up a house like this when a professional like us will buy your house and let you take the insurance proceeds and your sales proceeds and go buy a new home without this damage.

1. The house below is actually in the Seminole County side of Winter Park but just north of Orlando. It needed quite a bit of rehab in addition to the sinkhole activity. There was no exterior damage that could be seen but plenty of separations between the walls and ceiling as well as a few cracks in the plaster. Also some cracks right through the bathtub tile.
Sinkhole house Winter Park Florida_ Florida sinkhole cracks in bath tile_ Cracks in plaster by ceiling sinkhole Orlando_ sinkhole damage has exposed some wires_ sinkhole house orlando crack over door corner

2. The house below is in Davenport FL in Polk County. It only had minor damage that could be seen with the naked eye. The floor in the living room and back bedroom has some slight sloping in it. Also the pool deck had several large cracks. Some houses only have minor physical damage but what goes on underground is a big question mark???????
Sinkhole house Davenport Florida_ big pool deck cracks caused by Florida sinkhole sloping floor in living room sink hole

3. The house below is on the edge of Debary and Deltona in Volusia County. We have bought many properties throughout Volusia over the years. The owner told us that she actually heard a loud "pop" sound one morning and noticed a decent sized crack over the doorway between the living room and dining room.
Sinkhole house Debary Florida_ Cracks over the door frame. Sinkhole house Deltona Florida._ More cracks over the door. Florida sinkhole buyer._ Stair step cracks in block wall. We buy sinkhole homes.

4. The next house is in Lakeland Florida in Polk County. The property is actually not sinkhole damaged. In the 1950s and 1960s the neighborhood was apparently used for phosphate/strip mining and that caused problems with the soil settlement years later. There are supposedly other houses in the same neighborhood that also have this problem. The slab was cracked along the entire right side of the house. There are cracks on 4-sides of the exterior and many on the interior as well. Look at the size of that crack in the dining room wall. Also separations between the ceiling and walls in several rooms.
Sinkhole house Lakeland Florida_ Stair step cracks in the exterior wall of Florida sinkhole home_ Major crack in dining room wall. Lakeland sinkhole home._ Separated wall and celing of Florida sink hole property.

5. The house below is near downtown Ocala in Marion County. It actually did not have a sinkhole but the home was built up on concrete piers along the back side. Unfortunately the concrete foundation was crumbling which caused significant damage to the interior. You will notice the cracks in the block and brick. Also look at the separation between the walls and ceiling. And notice the pad of paper that we slid underneath the living room wall - Wow!
Sinkhole house Ocala Florida_ Cracks in brick siding Ocala sinkhole_ Stair step cracks in rear foundation Florida sinkhole home_ Sinkhole house Ocala. Separation along ceiling and wall._ Sink hole Florida. Pad of paper under wall.

6. This next Florida sinkhole house in in Sanford in Seminole County. This house was a rental property and the seller was in forclosure. Fortunate or not, the sinkhole occurred and the seller was able to use the insurance claim to pay off his mortgage in full. We have a great video of this home on our video page too. This house has all the classic signs of sinkholes in Florida. Stair step cracks along the exterior wall. We could fit a driver's license card into the crack even. Ceiling cracks, driveway cracks, doors that swing on their own.
Sinkhole house Sanford Florida_ Sinkhole cracks in ceiling_ Sinkhole Florida stair step cracks_ Florida sinkhole drivers license in cracks_ Sinkhole house driveway cracks Seminole County

7. This sinkhole home is in Lutz Florida just north of Tampa in Hillsborough County. This house had quite severe settlement damage not caused by a sinkhole but caused by improper grading when the subdivision was built. The grading caused poor drainage which caused major cracks in the walls of the exterior. The crack in that photo is nearly 1 inch wide - Yikes! Also the wall between the living room and the bedrooms is not touching the ground along about 15 feet. The kitchen cabinets have separated from the wall along the backsplash as well.
Sinkhole house Tampa Florida Lutz_ Sinkhole Florida cracks in stucco_ Sinkhole house separation in kitchen cabinets from wall_ Separation from floor and wall sinkholes in Florida_ Sink hole separation at door way floor hillsborough county

8. Below is a townhome that we bought in Tallahassee in Leon County Florida. There are some settlement cracks caused by sinkhole activity but the damage appears to be minimal. Along the right side, the water drains improperly which may have attributed to the settlement further. The property also backs up to a swampy area.
Sinkhole house Tallahassee_ Tallahassee sinkhole damage house

9. This next house is in Gainesville in Alachua County, Florida. The owners lived in the house nearly 15 years with no problems. The main water pipe burst while they were out of town and washed away a ton of earth before it got discovered. This looks like a classic cover collapse sinkhole but it really is just from the water erosion from that pipe. A divot formed in the driveway. A fairly large hole opened up under one corner of the house as well.
Sinkhole house Gainesville Florida_ Sinkhole house Alachua County FL_ cover collapse sinkhole_ Sinkholes in Florida Gainesville

10. This particular house actually made it to the news. It is in Winter Garden near Windermere in Orange County Florida. A huge cover collapse sinkhole opened up in the backyard behind the home. The insurance paid out the full claim on the property and the hole got filled. The actual damage to the house was minimal, but the hole was quite intimdating to say the least.
Sinkhole house Winter Garden_ Sinkhole house Windermere with cracks_ Florida sinkhole cracks_ Sinkholes in Florida Orange County Sinkhole house FL hole is filled_

11. This home is in east Seminole County just south of Oviedo . It has sinkhole damage in the front right corner of the house. Stair step cracks on the outside are fairly wide. There is also a big crack in the drywall of the living room wall. Obviously some Florida sinkholes are worse than others.
We buy sinkhole house Oviedo_ Cracks in drywall Oviedo caused by sink hole_ FL sinkhole home stair step crack_ Oviedo sinkhole damage home_ Sinkhole house Seminole County FL with huge cracks_

12. The sinkhole home below is in Marion County between Ocala and Williston. It had some pretty serious cracks in the main hallway of the house. Enough so that some of the ceiling plaster fell to the floor. Also a few stair step cracks around the exterior block.
sinkhole house buyer_ sinkhole real estate investor_ we buy sinkhole ocala_ we buy sinkhole marion county_ we buy sinkhole homes fl_

13. This home is in Casselberry Florida also in Seminole County. Most of the settling occurred on the front side of the house separating the front porch slab from the ground. The house backs to a golf course. Golf courses with their well water are notorious for depleting the aquifer water in the limestone. Thus golf courses neighborhoods often get more sinkholes. These are photos of the underpinning pilings used to stabalize this home.
florida sinkhole house repairs_ sinkhole underpinning_ sink hole repairs in florida_ we buy sinkhole house casselberry_ we buy sinkhole home casselberry_

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